Transgender Student Wins Right To Wear Dress To Prom And I Can’t Believe There Was Even A Debate About This

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shutterstock_72712552__1365259328_70.118.110.28Last week, a 19-year-old transgender student requested permission to wear a dress to her prom and come out as transgendered. A teacher denied her request, saying it didn’t fit the school dress code. On what planet does a prom dress not fit the dress code for prom?

The student, George Zamazal, appealed the decision and initially the school administrators claimed they would need to contact the board to make it a “community” decision. They have changed their tune since being contacted by the ACLU and are now claiming that as long as the dress meets the dress code of being at least mid-thigh length, all is well.

The Daily Mail reports:

The American Civil Liberties Union took up the case after Zamazal was told by the teacher in charge of the dance that she would have to wear a tuxedo.

‘Tony has the right under both federal statutes and the U.S. Constitution to express her gender identity,’ Adriana Pinon, ACLU of Texas senior staff attorney, told the newspaper.

‘Students’ legal rights aren’t something that public schools get to put up to a vote. We’re happy to see the school do the right thing.’

Why she be forced to wear a tuxedo? Why should she feel any less than herself at what many teens consider to be one of the biggest days of their graduating year? Gender identity is not something school officials should be weighing in on.

From attempting to ban gay students from prom to telling a transgendered student what she can or cannot wear, it seems that a few bigoted communities and administrators are trying to impose their small-minded views on the majority. I’m glad that the ACLU exists and that a transgendered teen was brave enough to request that she be treated fairly. Small victories in these scenarios represent a collective shift to move away from out dated ideas of gender and sexuality and move toward greater acceptance.

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