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Trans Couple’s God-Like Pregnancy Photos Defy All Stereotypes

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“Black trans love is wealth,” is one of the hashtags Myles Brady-Davis used to caption a photo of his Woman Crush Wednesday, a photo of his wife and the mother of his new baby, Precious Brady-Davis. But their pregnancy story is different from the ones you may read elsewhere on the internet. While we’re used to the mom-carries-baby-for-nine-months narrative, the story of Myles and Precious defies gender-norms and proves the power of love.

Myles has been sharing his pregnancy journey on Instagram for over five months now — yes, you read that right. His pregnancy journey. We’re not talking the “WE’RE pregnant!” dad narrative, but Myles is actually the one who carried his baby with Precious for nine months and delivered their baby girl, Zayn, recently. Because you may be wondering, yes, it’s biologically both Myles and Precious’s daughter — not that biology has any effect on the love between family members.

Myles called himself and Precious the “trans Obamas” in his first public Instagram post in 2015 and ever since, the pair has been living up to the title. Their love story even caught the attention of Miley Cyrus.

In July, Myles and Precious announced they had a baby on the way and shared a few photos of the two with Myles’s growing baby bump peeking out. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune after they announced the pregnancy, the couple talked about how difficult it was for them to get pregnant — since both had been taking gender-affirming hormones, their chances of a successful pregnancy were decreased for both parties. But it happened.

And if you thought all of that was cute, just wait until you see their divine pregnancy photos. Working with Chicago-based photographer, Allison Kortokrax, Precious and Myles donned celestial outfits for their photos, and wrote messages of anti-colonization, love, and the partnership of the feminine and masculine energies.

The next day, they shared photos of their newborn, Zayn YeMaya Echelle Brady-Davis, calling her their “princess.”

Congrats to this lovely little family. Zayn may not be too happy about the proximity her birthday is to the holidays, but she sure is the cutest blessing two people could get this time of year.