Trannies Don’t Menstruate. Boo Hoo

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As a mother, I get annoyed when marketers try and make things “cool” especially for me (like the case with ‘Mommyjuice’ or ‘Mommy’s Time Out’ wines – sorry, but not cool). The execs who approved this video campaign for Always sanitary pads are just as clueless. The clip features what they call “some of East London’s finest transvestites” and has them crying. Why? Because they’d love to have a period but, you know, can’t.

Clearly these ads aren’t intended for washed-up old women like me but, uh, I’m pretty sure that 16-year-olds (or whomever they’re meant for) would agree that they just reek of trying. Sure, having girl embrace their ‘womanhood’ (periods and all) is a nice message to be sending. But showing drag queens crying – especially in attempt to sell pads – is just plain idiotic.

Check out the video and judge for yourself:

[youtube_iframe id=”l50l2IUENRk”]