Tragic Accident In Utah After Six-Year-Old Boy Is Killed By Dad’s Snowplow

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Tragic Accident In Utah After Six-Year-Old Boy Is Killed By Dad's Snowplow

Utah County

December should be the merriest time of the year, but a Utah family is dealing with insurmountable grief after a six-year-old boy named Herman Slaughter was tragically killed in a snowplow accident. The boy was doing a ride-along with his dad, who was using his snowplow for snow removal at Aspen Grove when he fell from the vehicle after unexpected turbulence. His older brother, 9, was also on the Kubota Skid Steer equipment. Herman sadly bumped his head during the fall on part of the snowplow and, although his father did perform CPR while waiting for emergency service, the injuries were critical and Herman was pronounced dead by paramedics on-location, according to a Utah County press release.

Though a Kubota skid steer does typically include a seat belt, it’s unclear whether anyone in the vehicle was wearing it.

Snowplow-related deaths are becoming of increasing concern in the past few years. In February of 2018, four people were killed while doing snow removal in Lake County, Illinois, and an article titled, “Snowplow Accidents an Increasing Concern in Baltimore” from 2018 shows that these types of accidents are nothing to take lightly.

Please practice caution this winter when it comes to snow removal. While bringing your kids along may seem relatively risk-free, one child’s death is one too many. Utah has already suffered some brutal blizzards — and it’s not even technically winter yet.

Salt Lake City received nine inches of snow between the 27th and 30th and cities south of Salt Lake saw more than double that number. Herman died on the morning of the 29th.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Herman’s family with the unexpected funeral expenses. They’ve already surpassed their $20,000 goal by nearly five thousand dollars. Friends, family, and strangers are giving their condolences to the Slaughter family during this difficult time.

“I’m so sorry for your loss Sarah and Nate. My heart aches for you and your family at this time. May you feel your Saviors love as you lean on him to get through this,” a friend named Rachel shared on the GoFundMe comments section.

“I am a friend of the Bedke Family. I am so sorry for your loss and pray that you will be lifted up by angels at this difficult time. Your family will be in my prayers,” another named Lisa wrote.

Our thoughts are with the Slaughters. We can’t even begin to imagine the grief.