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Shame On Toys R Us For Caving To The Pearl Clutchers And Removing Breaking Bad Figurines From Shelves

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We heard the news yesterday of outraged mommy Susan Schrivjer gathering signatures on a petition to have Breaking Bad figurines removed from shelves at Toys R Us because of their inappropriateness for children. Never mind the fact that Toys R Us has always stocked “adult” figurines for adult collectors, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

I rolled my eyes yesterday and I am rolling them even harder today because Toys R Us is caving and taking the figures off the shelves. I can’t even believe they felt like they had to do this. Are this many parents really so uptight? This is the very height of insufferable parent behavior.

For some reason, this entire story gives me a big case of The Rage. I am so very fucking tired of being part of a generation of parents that expects the rest of the world to help be the moral police and to keep all of The Bad Things away from their child’s virgin eyes. Guess what, parents? No one has to care what your kids see other than you! The world does not revolve around them, nor should it. I get kind of upset at the previews Verizon FiOS shows while I am scrolling the On-Demand for an episode of SpongeBob, so guess what I do? I mute it or ask the kids to leave the room until I’ve found their show. It is not up to Verizon FiOS to make their cable package previews kid friendly- it is up to ME as a parent to make our house kid-friendly in the manner that my husband and I see fit. Because WE are the parents and that is our job. Toys R Us taking these action figures off shelves reinforces all the more that parents needn’t be responsible for policing their child’s media consumption and it’s ridiculous.

Not to mention, I am the mother of a seven and five-year-old and I can tell you right now- unless I marched them straight to the Breaking Bad figurines display and said “LOOK KIDS! A meth cook and his protege!” they would have not even the teeniest clue what they were about. Is it an Avenger? Is it a Barbie? No? Then, they give no shits. There are so many other toys that I find inappropriate for my kids so guess what? Now, this is a really unique and novel approach so get ready- I DON’T BUY THEM. See how that works? You don’t think it’s right for your kids? Don’t get out your wallet.

Might I also add- what an odd crusade to go on. With all of the other problems in this country- children going hungry, education inequality and a litany of other issues- THIS is what some parents are choosing to get their panties in a wad over? I’m sorry, pull your heads out of your collective asses and start a petition that will make an actual difference in the world. I can’t think that any good will come of Toys R Us pulling these toys from the shelf but now, the pearl clutchers have won a tiny battle and that should only strengthen their resolve to petition against more ridiculous shit in the future. Wonderful. The world is now a better place, or something.

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