Victim-Blaming Brigade Demands Suspensions For Girls Whose Nudes Were Leaked Online

183961596If you’re the sort of person who can’t look away from a train wreck, you may want to check out the absolutely fascinating cesspool of humanity that has gathered today on the Facebook page of a Missouri Fox TV station. The blood in the water that drew in this particular assortment of sharks? A story about sixteen boys being suspended from a local high school over posting nude pictures of eight female classmates online, on Twitter and Instagram. The cause for all this fervor, though, isn’t the egregious actions on the boys’ part–it’s the fact that the girls, whose pictures were publicly shared without their consent, didn’t also receive a suspension. What a world we live in!

According to Fox4KC, a spokesperson for Liberty High School stated that the girls received a ‘verbal reprimand’, while the boys were suspended anywhere from two to ten days for the ‘leak’. And according to a poll on the news site, about 78% of readers think the girls should have been punished just as much as the boys. Because we now live in a world where consensually sharing nude pictures of yourself with someone is exactly the same as taking a nude picture someone else has given you and plastering it all over the internet.

The comments on the story’s Facebook page are a study in victim-blaming, slut-shaming, and girl-hating. A sampling of some of the most nauseating:

Double standard. The girls should be equally punished

It’s so awful and wrong to hold different behaviors to different standards!

Kick em ALL out ? Yes Even the Girls that posted for the pics. They’re Just as Guilty if Not More so

If you engage in consensual sexual activity, and are then subjected to sexual assault, you are even guiltier than the person who actually assaulted you. Because logic!

If the girls weren’t taking pictures they wouldn’t have to worry about them being online!

If you didn’t have wallets you wouldn’t have to worry about them being stolen! If you weren’t alive you wouldn’t have to worry about being murdered! This is all your fault!

They won’t [be punished], and you know why? Because they are just little girls whose brain aren’t fully developed. Teehee and giggles!

Well, I agree that someone‘s brain here isn’t fully developed …

The girls are the problem, they should be punished 10 times worse since they have no moral compass.

Yes, it is definitely ten times worse to consensually share your nudes than to post someone else’s in a place they don’t want them.

It’s something of a mystery why so many posters to the Facebook page seem to think the girls are getting away punishment-free. Their nude images, posted to the internet by these boys, can’t be magically deleted with the snap of a finger; they’ll have to live with the consequences of the boys’ actions forever now. Plus, they get the added experience of having scorn heaped on them by their community for being ‘sluts‘, for ‘playing the victim’, and for ruining these poor, innocent boys’ lives with their boobs. Any one of them probably would have traded a few days’ suspension for that.

(Image: ponsulak / iStock / Getty)

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