Whatever Got Tori Spelling Back Into Sex Four Weeks Postpartum Should Be Bottled And Sold

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tori and deanTori Spelling is pregnant again, which wouldn’t be all that newsworthy had she not given birth to baby girl Hattie a mere five months ago. If all goes well, Hattie and her little sibling-to-be will be 10 months apart! I myself am just 14 months younger than my brother – like Spelling, my mom didn’t know you could get pregs while breastfeeding – and my sisters-in-law are only 13 months apart. So having kids close in age isn’t all that uncommon but – and this is a big but – who the hell wants to be having sex four weeks after pushing a human being out of your vagina?!

Maybe it was just me but after I gave birth to my first, sex was the last thing on my mind. I was sleeping in 45-minute increments (if you want to call it sleep – more like lying in bed with one eye open), which perhaps explains why I was more interested in sleep than sex. (Sadly, many moms out there would still choose sleep – or Facebook – over sex.) But beyond the exhaustion and leaky boobs and lack of hormones was the whole “healing” aspect of it all (as in, I needed to time to heal – physically). And so that’s the part that makes my jaw drop when I think of Donna Martin Tori and Dean. These two have three little kids at home – including a newborn – and yet they’re gettin’ it on. All I can say is power to them!

I was speaking with a friend who recently gave birth to her second child. After a really crappy year of trying – and a complicated pregnancy on top of that – she got her mojo back. Big time. This is a woman who’s totally sleep-deprived and bickering with her husband like there’s no tomorrow, yet all she wants to do is have sex with him. She’s dying! But she’s waiting ’til the six-week mark because, well, things aren’t exactly in working order down there (at least not yet). She was even more astounded by Spelling’s timing than I am!

Whatever it is that’s causing Spelling to jump back into the saddle four weeks after giving birth should be bottled and sold. She’d make millions (oh, wait…).

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