These Are The Top Trends In 2019, As Predicted By Pinterest

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Kids’ rooms are going to get a whole lot cooler in 2019.

That in-between stage of a kid’s room is tough. When they’re transitioning away from baby and toddler and into being an actual little kid. It’s such a fun age, but it can present some design challenges! Skip the middleman in 2019, and go straight from a crib to a bed your child can grow into for years to come. House frame floor beds are a great bed for toddlers, and can be made or purchased in various sizes. So they can use them well into childhood. Plus, it looks like their own little fort, and what kid doesn’t want their own little fort?!

The top trends in 2019 are exciting, fresh, and still feel familiar. We can’t wait for the new year to get underway!

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