Top 10 Breakout Children’s Stars Of 2012

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zendayaIf your child is anything like mine, his or her tastes and preferences can change with the wind. At least, it seems like the wind. It’s really a complex metric only children know that picks out which television shows, actors and pop stars will inspire fan sites to start popping up all over the interwebs. They somehow get together and decide which character’s merchandise we’ll be purchasing for the next year and whose music we’ll be secretly singing along to.

Wouldn’t you like to know what next year will bring? Do you want an idea of what television plot lines to start brushing up on? Well good!

I interviewed dozens of children (that may or may not be related to me), with ages ranging from four to 14, and figured out which children’s stars had breakout years in 2012. And I’m sharing that information with you!

Now, we’re not talking about Miranda Cosgrove and Justin Bieber. You should already know about them. We’re talking about names you might not be quite as familiar with, but that you should get used to hearing. From cartoons to Disney triple-threats, here’s the children’s entertainment icons of the next year.