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Bikini Beautiful Week: The Top 4 Easiest Shaving Tips To Convey To Your Daughter

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Keeping your legs and underarms soft and smooth is no easy task. Sometimes the temptation to just give up and go native gets pretty strong, but I don’t think anyone would be happy then, least of all me. When I’m freshly shaved I feel more confident. Unfortunately there are plenty of ways to mess up. And I think I’ve discovered them all over the years. Thankfully, my bad luck can be your daughter’s shaving tips learning experience.

1. Don’t fight the hair! 

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One of the biggest mistakes young women make is to go against the way the hair lies when shaving their legs. It might seem counter intuitive, but going against the grain, so to speak, can actually cause a lot of problems, such as razor burn and ingrown hairs. Yuck! The best way to shave your legs is to shave with the hair. This way the hairs aren’t cut at such a blunt angle. Shaving your underarms is a different story. Because the hairs there grow at different angles, you should shave in multiple directions so you can thoroughly remove the hair. Avoid deodorants that irritate your skin, which can lead to redness, and ingrown hairs.

2. Let’s talk about sex, baby…

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Well, not sex, but your sex. As in your gender. This point is hotly contested by some beauty experts, but personally I think it’s best to use a razor specifically designed for a woman. Razors for women typically feature an ergonomic handle made for a female hand, and are crafted to move well along the curves of our legs, underarms and bikini area.

3. A fresh blade is a happy blade

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A sharp, clean blade is vital for achieving a close shave with less irritation. Dull blades need a lot more force to cut the hair, and they often end up tugging on the hair instead of cutting cleanly, which can cause all kinds of super annoying things. New blades cut through hair “like buttah” and seriously reduces the risk of any nasty side effects. Generally it’s recommended that you replace your blade every three to five uses.

You also need to keep your blade dry between shaves or you could end up with an unpleasant infection. Double yuck! It should go without saying that you shouldn’t share your razor. 

4. Night Owl

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BIC Soleil suggests you shave at night as well. Since shaving removes the superficial layer of your skin, it reduces your skin’s defenses. If you shave in the morning, your legs will be exposed to more environmental elements which may not be great on your freshly shaved legs. Shaving at night gives your legs hours to heal and recover.

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This post is sponsored by BIC Soleil.