11 Cartoon Characters Getting Their Twerk On

ermergerd twerkI think by now we all know that twerking is the biggest thing since the Harlem Shake. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles have TOTALLY jumped on the twerk train, and the craze is even getting school kids into trouble.

The best part about this “new” trend are the GIFs. The GIFs are plentiful and they are AWESOME. Now we can see just about any body twerking their brains out. Including some of our favorite cartoon buddies! Below are the top 11 cartoon characters enjoying some twerk-time.

1. Hank Hill

Even Hank likes to shake his groove thang, I tell ya whut.

2. Lola Bunny

Why am I not surprised that Lola is a fan of booty shorts and selfies?

3. Superheroes Galore!

Spidey seems especially into it, but Batman is dancing like my grandpa.

4. Spongebob

Spongebob is looking bootylicious.

5. Squidward

Squidward’s even getting in on the action.

6. Finn and Jake

This is just amazeballs. Nuff’ said.

7. Beavis and Butthead

Twerking foreshadowing.

8. Steve from Blues Clues

Okay, this isn’t technically a cartoon, BUT damn can Steve movie. I say it counts.

9. Skinner

Maybe Skinner should be telling people to eat his shorts…

10. Snow White

Whistle while you TWERK, not WORK!

11. Ice King

I think Ice King, from “Adventure Time,” should win the award for best Badonkadonk.

(Photo: Memegenerator.net)

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