Top 10 Tips To Ensure A Successful VBAC

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Ladies who are considering VBACs are usually met with two very distinct points of view. There are those mothers who stealthy evaded a routine doctor’s suggestion to just c-section the kid out, absolutely patting themselves on the back for committing to vaginal birth. Or you have the horror story. The statistic that your doctor cites when you even mention VBAC as a possible avenue of interest.

Aftering spending some time talking with Dr. Jacqueline Worth and Dr. George Mussalli, it’s clear that there are a lot of factors that can influence a mother’s outcome. The doctors’ small practice in Greenwich Village not only boasts a 91% success rate for VBACS in 2011, but has also overseen over 1000 deliveries. The two doctors, and champions of VBACs, spoke with Mommyish about risks and tips parents should consider before embarking on this important birthing decision.