Top 10 Parenting Memes

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There are few things in the world I love more than Internet memes. I know, they’re often lame, and quickly get played out, but I am a cheesy mofo and I love them. While my absolute favorite memes are generally cat-related, I also love a good parenting meme. And as always, the Internet delivers.

Here are my top favorite memes about parenting from the world of Internet. You’re welcome.

10. Those darn teens and their Reddit

Because nothing says “I HATE YOU” more than passive aggresive posts on Reddit.

9. You’re doing it wrong…

parenting memes

Don’t lie, this looks fun as hell.

8. Mom Guilt

parenting memes

Like c-section scars, guilt is forever.

7. Reading? What’s reading?

parenting memes


6. Seems legit

parenting memes

It was worth a shot.

5. Tell me about your fur babies

parenting memes


Because caring for a cat or dog is TOTALLY the same thing.

4. Patented scary parent whisper

Don’t lie. Whispering ominously is scary as hell.*Update: I’ve seen this on various meme sites but apparently it comes from the brilliant site Toothpaste for Dinner, aka my new favorite webcomic!*

3. Time Lord: Baby Edition

parenting memes

That’s it, I’m sending my kids to be raised by these parents, because I will never be this awesome.

2. Aren’t parents just the WORST?

parenting memes

1. No, not MY kid!

parenting memes

Denial. It’s not a river in Egypt.