Top 10 Celebrity Baby Bumps Of 2012

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Top Baby BumpsIt’s been quite the year for celebrity pregnancies. Between Jessica Simpson‘s never-ending Round One, Claire Danes‘ award-winning maternity wear, and Vanessa Lachey‘s adorably intense awkwardness, this year in baby bumps was pretty interesting.

While we here at Mommyish aren’t exactly fans of the whole nude baby bump trend, we have to admit that a good pregnant glow always makes us smile. And seeing a soon-to-be father cradle that baby bump has to be one of those most aww-inducing sights in the world.  When fully attired, we love a good bump.

So we decided to take a look back at Mommyish’s top baby bumps of 2012. These awesome abdomens grabbed headlines, inspired smiles, or just plain made us giggle. [ITPGallery]