Tokyo Disney Is Getting A ‘Toy Story’ Hotel And We Americans Are Jealous

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Toy Story Tokyo Disney

Image: Disney Parks Blog

Many of us parents can’t remember life before Toy Story. The Disney franchise is super important to an entire generation. How did we ever survive not knowing what our toys were doing while we’re not around? Any Toy Story fan will tell you that the movies are timeless. Which is probably why there are so many of them. And now, not only are there four movies, there’s a theme hotel. That’s right, there is going to be another Disney Theme Park hotel featuring Toy Story. But the sad thing is, neither of them are in the US. Both are in Asia unfortunately for Americans who can’t afford to travel that far.

Right now, Shanghai Disney has a Toy Story hotel, with Disney recently announcing plans to open another at Tokyo Disneyland. Drawing inspiration from all the things we love about the movie series. Meaning Buzz, Woody and all their friends will be super present. Word is there will even be a replica of Andy’s room. Hopefully it has that iconic blue cloud wallpaper. For parents, it will be the ultimate nostalgia. Because it’s hard to to accept that the first Toy Story film is 23 years old. How is that even possible?

Disney reports that the hotel will not arrive until the 2021 fiscal year. So, it could be anywhere between April 2021 and March 2022. But the good thing is that we have time to save money for a trip. According to the report, there will be 600 rooms in the hotel. It will surely be a hot ticket spot. Which, of course it is. Anyone who claims to not love Toy Story is either crazy or lying. I hope there’s a room that looks like ‘Woody’s Roundup’ — cowboy boots included.

Tokyo Disney is going through some major development with the hotel just being one part. It will also have onsite shopping and dining. A press release for the hotel gives us a little insight into what to expect:

“The guest rooms are inspired by Andy’s bedroom, where Woody, Buzz Lightyearand all the other toys live, designed with colorful furniture and other immersive features inspired by the world of Toy Story.”

Image: Disney / Pixar

2021 can’t come fast enough. And maybe if it does well, Disney World and Disneyland will get one too!