‘Toddlers & Tiara’s’ Mom Finds Teeth Bleaching A Better Alternative Than ‘Flippers’

Of course Toddlers & Tiara’s should not be upheld as a paradigm of parenthood, but one mother this week presented some logic that I just can’t follow. Taking issue with “flippers” (the false teeth young children wear in pageants to hide their gaps or emerging grownup teeth) she advocates bleaching her children’s teeth. She argues that giving children flippers alters “the way God made them,” while bleaching their teeth once a week (whether there is a pageant or not) is somehow a better alternative.

Bleaching children’s teeth every week seems more than excessive and judging by that little’s girls face, she wouldn’t mind popping a flipper in her mouth if it meant getting out of mommy’s impromptu teeth cleanings.

[youtube_iframe id=”I8DGHwbtgT4″]

(photo: beutifullyme.wordpress.com)

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