Toddler Scares the Crap Out of Mom When She Talks to ‘Georgie’ in the Drain

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See now, if this had happened to me, you would’ve seen a Jayme-sized hole in the bathroom door. SO MUCH NOPE. If your little toddler talks to Georgie in a drain? Fly me to the moon, I’m out. In case you don’t know, Georgie is the name of the little kid in the yellow rain slicker in the opening scene of It. He follows his paper sailboat down the street and watches as it goes down a drain. When he goes to investigate, Pennywise is waiting, and tells him “We all float down here, Georgie”. And then he rips the kid’s arm off and little Georgie becomes the first victim of that scary bastard. So Georgie+drains is a hard goddamn pass for me. Twitter user @BornToBriWild shared a hilariously terrifying story about her kid, and it’s amazing to me that she even stuck around to find out it was totally innocent.

Here’s the thing: if your toddler talks to Georgie IN THE DRAIN, even if you know logistically that they have no idea who Georgie is, it’s scary. Sometimes logic has no power over fear, LOL.

The innocent little girl wasn’t talking to Georgie the ghost, thank god. She was talking to George, Peppa’s precocious little brother pig. That goddamn George is always getting into trouble.

I give her so much credit for checking. Because I would have just scooped my kid out of the bathtub and beat feet out of that bathroom. And honestly, I’m 50/50 on whether I would’ve remembered to grab my kid before I hightailed it the fuck out of there. I haven’t even seen the newest remake of the movie, but the original and the book were enough to give me a lifelong fear of clowns and drains.

People on Twitter were just as scared a mom initially was, because again, Georgie+drain typically doesn’t end well.

Even Bri admitted that if she hadn’t seen George the pig in there, she would’ve peace’d out.

People were also VERY concerned that little Georgie was stuck in the drain. I mean, once they realized it was a pig and not a child ghost. So Bri kindly updated everyone on Georgie’s status. But then her kid made it all weird again, because kids.

Kids are nuts, even on a good day.

So the moral of the story? If your toddler talks to Georgie in the drain, maybe check the drain before you abandon your family and home and run for the hills. Chances are, it’s completely innocent.

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