10 Text Messages I Would Love To Receive From Toddlers

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toddler talk

Toddler talk is huge. First words are captured in mini videos which we instantly post to Facebook, email to grandparents, and in some cases, tweet to the world. But if those little fingers had a swift command of an iPhone, I imagine we’d hear a lot of fun commentary — sent straight to you mom or dad!

Who among us has not received the “skdjrfyligtherisgth” text message only to be told  “Sorry! It was the kid!’ (or cat). But give those kids some spell check and some coordination tips and they could be handling a cell phone as if was an iPad.

Sure, for now they only babbling “cat” but who knows what thoughts they have during those annoying playdates? While you run those errands? While you’re out shopping? You’re not the only one who likes to send a text or two when waiting around in the grocery line. A little somebody next to you would probably also have some opinions on Grandma’s television choices, the contents of the fridge, and maybe some extra to-dos? There’s a lot going on behind those big baby eyes and you know it. If toddler talk went text message, envision all the gabbing. From breastfeeding toddlers to potty training, all those milestones could be captured in a few taps of the cell phone.