10 Hilarious Toddler Problems You Shouldn’t Be Laughing At Because #ToddlerProblems Are Serious Business

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(Photo: Shutterstock/Tiplyashina Evgeniya)

(Photo: Shutterstock/Tiplyashina Evgeniya)

Toddlers. They’re adorable as a button. But as Maria Guido mused this week, half the time they’re a whirlwind of nightmarish hell on Earth. Our buddy the Honest Toddler even has a handy dandy hash tag for it, #ToddlerProblems. If you get a chance you should totally check out all the amusing, thoughtful and sometimes terrifying toddler problems parents are using this hash tag to discuss on Twitter. But let’s be real. If you’re the parent of a toddler, you don’t have time for that shiz. So I’ve gathered 10 of the funniest examples for your entertainment.

10. Cheese is everything

toddler problems 5

Aimee, Aimee, Aimee. When will you learn? To a toddler, cheese is everything. To deny a toddler cheese is to deny them the most sacred right of toddler-kind. Oh well, maybe the adoptive mom has some cheese…

9. Even superheroes have quirks

toddler problems 7

Now get it right before he has to use his laser sight on you, woman!

8. Who needs geography?

toddler problems 8

A toddler has no need for things like maps or geography. Now get him some Mickey ears STAT!

7. Sounds like a personal problem

toddler problems 9

But you didn’t answer the most important question…is the truck okay?

6. Toddler tattoos

toddler problems 4

Phfffftt. Don’t feel bad little guy. Even Van Gogh was misunderstood in his day.

5. Pants are for infants

toddler problems 3

I’m sure this lady’s toddler is thinking “To hell with these pants, I have important toddler work to do.”

4. Toddlers do what they want

toddler problems 2

But how else is she going to MacGyver her way out of the crib?

3. A budding fashionista

toddler problems 1

Who says sweatpants can’t be “pants” pants?

2. Call the authorities!

toddler problems 10Making your toddler listen to so much Macklemore that they can quote him should be a punishable offense.

1. Toddler cuisinetoddler problems 6Wait…there are people who DON’T eat butter straight from the package? Heathens!

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