(Updated) Nightmare Fuel: 10-Year-Old Drops Baby From 25th Floor


I’ll venture to guess that what you’re about to read is the saddest and scariest thing you’ll see all week. Or all month. Maybe all year. Gird your loins and also your heartstrings because this is a doozy.

People in Chongqing, China are in shock this week after a 10-year-old girl reportedly threw a 2-year-old boy off a 25th floor balcony. No, he did not survive and no, no one knows why this happened.

According to The Australian, the boy was accidentally left in the elevator by his mother””the door closed right after she took his bike out of the elevator, before she could get to him. The girl, who did not know the boy or his mother, then entered the elevator. Closed-circuit footage shows her kicking him and slamming him to the ground. Then, the elevator went to the 25th floor, where the little girl allegedly threw the little boy off the balcony into some bushes.

The South China Morning Post reports a slightly different story: That the toddler is still alive and in stable condition after being found on the ground, covered in blood. They also report that the girl was between 9 and 11 years old and the toddler was 18 months. The link features the actual security camera footage of what happened in the elevator, so only click and watch if you are really ready to do so.

Chillingly, in the same source, the father of the little girl who perpetrated this terrible violence admitted to beating his daughter, saying that hurting the little boy was her way of “expressing her feelings.” He said:

“She just wanted him to smile to her and to be friendly.”

The IB Times of the UK reports a similar story, but sources seem to be divided on whether or not the toddler actually survived the attack.

God, that was painful to even type. I have no idea why something like this would happen. It’s truly mind-boggling, incredibly disheartening and shocking in every way imaginable, that something so senseless could happen to a tiny child, especially at the hands of another child.

My heart is screaming in pain for the family of the toddler, who must be confused, angry and grief-stricken. I’m also sending sympathy and hopes for psychological recovery to the girl herself. While what she did is clearly beyond wrong, it’s obvious that it happened because she was abused. While violence doesn’t excuse subsequent violence, this seems to be an instance of the abuse cycle perpetuating more abuse. That doesn’t exonerate her, but it maybe provides at least some explanation of why she would do something so horrific.

Update: According to an article published yesterday in IBN Live, the toddler, Yuan Yuan, did survive the attack and is in stable condition. He’s regained consciousness and is expected to be operated on soon. The article says that he was with his grandmother just before the attack happened and that the girl, referred to her by surname of Li, may have accidentally dropped him from the balcony.

Photo: AFP/Getty Images


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