A Toddler Mistook a Bride for a Princess and It Was so Cute

Lots of brides say they feel like royalty on their wedding day, but there aren’t very many who get mistaken for actual princesses. But back in February, a bride in Washington State was approached by a little girl absolutely convinced that the bride was a princess. There are pictures of the whole adorable incident thanks to the bride’s wedding photographer and thank goodness, because they are a dose of pure goodness we all need today.

Shandace Robertson had just married her new husband, Scott, in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard and the two had gone outside to take some pictures. It was then that they encountered a sweet two-year-old girl out for a walk with her mom. Scott told BuzzFeed, “This young mother and her young child happened to be walking by, and my wife and this little girl caught each others’ gaze, smiled, and started interacting. My wife loves kids, so she saw this cute little girl, and this cute little girl saw my beautiful wife.”

meet and greet
Image: stephaniecristalli.com via Imgur

According to the little girl’s mom, the girl had become enamored with the image on the front of one of her mom’s books, “The Woman in White” by Wilkie Collins. The cover features a woman in a long white gown, and the little girl carries her “princess book” everywhere.  When the mother and daughter duo came upon the bride and groom, the little girl said, “Look, there she is! There’s a princess!” and showed her mom the book.

After the mother and daughter watched the couple take pictures for a while, Shandace approached them. She gave the little girl a rose from her bouquet (aww) and asked if she could take some pictures with her. Despite the little girl having muddy feet, Shandace immediately picked her up and started posing. If the pictures don’t make you smile, call your doctor immediately

flower from the bride
Image: stephaniecristalli.com via Imgur
with the bride
Image: stephaniecristalli.com via Imgur
princess and little gil
Image: stephaniecristalli.com via Imgur

The mom, who asked that she and her daughter not be named, said that it’s been four months and the little girl still believes she met “the Princes of Ballard.” Considering how generous and kind Shandace was to the girl (not to mention how drop-dead-gorgeous she looked), I think the little girl is right.

bride and groom
Image: stephaniecristalli.com via Imgur

Cute, right?

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