The Toddler Registry: 13 Essential Items For Surviving Life Once Your Kids Can Walk

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We all know by now what needs to go on a baby registry. You get some wipes, burp clothes, and an activity mat and you’re golden. But the problem with all the gifts you receive at your baby shower is that they become null and void once your precious babe begins teetering on two legs. Suddenly your sweet newborn has morphed into a Goldfish-covered toddler, climbing on all the chairs and grabbing knives off the kitchen counter (just mine?), hungry to eat every crayon and drop every iPhone. We’ve assembled our must-haves for surviving the toddler years; add them to your baby registry or order them from Amazon on your phone at 2AM. Either way, you’re gonna need them!

1. Handheld Vacuum ($34.00 on Amazon)

My 1.5-year-old’s favorite activity is digging in the cat litter like it’s a sand box. Last week she found a vial of glitter and dumped it all over the rug. Crackers and tiny feet do not mix. My best-friend is now this handheld vacuum; we’re going to see Gone Girl together this weekend.

2. Mr Clean Magic Eraser ($10.98 on Amazon)

These things might as well be made by Harry Potter, they’re so magical. Recently my toddler drew on the wall with a red Sharpie, and these glorious sponges removed the mark in one swipe.

3. Oxiclean Baby ($5.99 on Amazon)

I strip my kids naked before they eat and yet they still manage to dump all the food on their clothes. Our writers swear by Oxiclean to get spaghetti stains out of tiny clothes.

4. Floor mat ($10.99 on Amazon)

Because the food that doesn’t end up on their clothes, ends up on the floor. And if you don’t have a dog to eat up their scraps, well, it’s easier to clean up at the end of the day when there’s a mat on the floor.

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