10 Toddler Fail GIFs That Will Make You Pee Your Pants Laughing

shutterstock_156930755If you haven’t met me before, I am a total bag of douche. I just wanted to clear that up so that you didn’t have any false expectations of going into this post all warm and fuzzy-like.

I think it is crazy hilarious when kids fall down, even my own. Of course, I always check to make sure they’re okay before I laugh out loud because I don’t want to damage their psyche or anything. But if there are only bumps and bruises, then I’ll take my sweet time enjoying the hilarity of the moment.

One of my best memories was when my 12 month old son fell down an entire flight of stairs in front of me and my husband. He had crawled to the top by himself and was very proud. He had navigated the stairs by himself many times before, but this time he wanted to show us something. As he walked toward us from the top of the steps, he didn’t think to actually step down. He missed the step and barrel rolled down at least 10 carpeted stairs, and it was amazing.

If that story made you chuckle, just you wait. I’ve spent the better part of my afternoon digging up the best toddler accident GIFs that the Internet has to offer. If your kid doesn’t fall down enough at home, you can bookmark this post for any time you need a good laugh.

1. That Dog Just Came Out Of Nowhere, I Swear.

2. That Gang Of Dogs Just Came Out Of Nowhere, I Swear.

3. That Cat Just Came Out Of Nowhere, I Swear.

4. Worst Basketball Tryouts Ever.

5. Worst Mini Golf Game Ever.

6. Mattress Sled Gone Wrong.

7. Kid Versus Kid.

8. At Least She Stuck The Landing.

9. Give This Man A Medal.

10. Oversized Balls Make Terrible Toys.

(Image: Daria Filimonova/Shutterstock)

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