Toddler Escapes Baby Gate with Toy Necklace, Mom Gives Up Hope of Ever Getting Anything Done Again


Having a smart kid is a blessing, except when it means you can never turn your back on them because they will just escape and go do whatever they want. That seems to be where 31-year-old Jennie Dudson finds herself, because her two-year-old daughter is a sneaky little escape artist who will not be contained.

Dodson’s daughter, Michaela, is currently experiencing a bit of Internet celebrity thanks to a video of her escaping her baby gate. Plenty of kids climb over baby gates, or break the baby gates, or just figure out how to open the baby gate the way adults do. Michaela made herself a lock-pick out of a heart-shaped toy necklace, and now she can get out of her room whenever she wants.

Dodson told The Daily Mail she already knew her daughter was something of a Houdini. Michaela has reportedly been breaking out of her crib since she was 15 months old, and has already escaped several other baby gates. Dodson says she had a wooden baby gate that couldn’t keep Michaela in once Michaela realized that she could loosen the screws on the bottom and slide the whole thing up and shimmy out from underneath it.


Michaela was supposed to be in her playroom behind a new metal baby gate on Saturday, while her mother was cleaning. Then Dodson heard a tiny voice shout, “Ta-da!” and she turned around, and there was the toddler, very pleased with herself.

Dodson put the little girl back in the room and went back to clean, but then she showed up right behind her, just as before. At that point Dodson must have known the “keep the toddler in her playroom” days were over, but she still wanted to see how the heck her two-year-old was getting out of the room, so she put Michaela back in the playroom and hid with her phone to tape the escape. That’s when she saw that Michaela had figured out that she could open the door by swinging her heart-shaped toy necklace over the gate, threading the cord through the opening, and then giving it a good yank.

“I couldn’t believe it, it was really clever!” Dodson said.

It looks like Dodson won’t be able to clean the house in peace anymore, because nothing’s going to keep that kid in her room from now on.

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