I Can’t Think Of Anything I Want Less Than A $2500 Stroller My Toddler Can Steer

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Who in their right mind would spend $2500 on a stroller their toddler can steer? Oh, wait – you actually have to spend more than that. The cost of whatever giant stroller you would need to house this “conversion kit” is extra. The kit itself costs $2500.

My 2-year-old is certainly capable of walking. The only reason I even take the stroller out with us is so it doesn’t take us four hours to complete a trip to the grocery store. After he patiently walks by mom’s side for a while, he inevitably wants to start doing his own thing. This usually involves stopping at every, single brownstone gate to be sure the locks are in working order. He also wants to touch every parked car we pass. Can you imagine what our trip would look like if he were able to steer himself around in a motorized stroller? I can. It involves a lot of cardio for me. No thanks. From

For those of you who have the all-terrain strollers, now there is an easy way to turn your stroller into an autonomous robot. Purchase Xandon Frogget’s kit and within an estimated 20 minutes, you can convert your stroller into a robot that will drive autonomously. Or you can put it in ARAS mode and let the “autonomous robot assisted steering” drive itself around and avoid obstacles.

Oh, thank God. Now there’s an easy way to turn my stroller into an autonomous robot! I’ve been plugging away in my robotics workshop doing it the hard way. The video shows a toddler aimlessly steering herself around in circles, while all of the other kids in the playground look around in dismay, thinking “why do we have to run and jump and climb stuff? Why can’t we motorize ourselves around in circles, too? Mom, Dad – you suck!”

It really could be the ultimate status symbol. Slap one of these conversion kits on your $2000 Viktor & Rolf stroller and your toddler has transportation that costs more than most of the used cars in Brooklyn. Or you could just set $5000 on fire. That would be more practical.

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