Toddler Dies After Getting Neck Stuck in Car Window

A family in Indiana suffered an unimaginable loss this week after a tragic accident claimed the life of their toddler son. The little boy was in a car with his sister, and he accidentally got his neck stuck in the car window.

According to CafeMom, two-and-a-half-year-old Logan Vanderkleed was napping in a parked car with his older sister last week. The air conditioning was turned on and the windows were rolled up. Logan’s sister was asleep, and his father was cleaning out a different car right nearby.

He got his neck caught in the automatic car window

Somehow, Logan opened the car window and stuck his head out, then rolled it back up. A button in the car controlled the automatic windows. When his neck got stuck, Logan couldn’t get out. The window basically strangled him.

Nobody heard anything when it happened. By the time someone found him, Logan was not breathing and did not have a pulse. It was reportedly some time before rescue workers got there and started performing CPR.

Logan was airlifted to the Riley Children’s Hospital in¬†Indianapolis. His heart was beating again, but doctors said he’d spent too much time without a pulse. On Monday he showed very low levels of brain activity. Doctors did not immediately declare him brain dead, but they and the family started making plans to donate his organs.

Even in the midst of their greatest tragedy, Logan’s family knew they wanted to donate his organs to try to save some other children. Wednesday evening Logan had surgery to preserve his heart valves for donation.

Not long after the surgery, Logan died in his mother’s arms in his hospital room in Indianapolis. In a Facebook post, Logan’s mother said his whole family was there, singing worship songs in his hospital room when he died.

“I felt a strong urge to hold Logan,” his mother, Lisa Vanderkleed, wrote. “He just wanted his mommy. Moments after I got him, he took his last breath.”

It’s an unimaginable tragedy. His family says the whole community has been supportive, and they take comfort in the knowledge he’s not suffering anymore. Sending love to his family.

(Image: Facebook / Love for Logan)

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