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There’s No Way You Won’t Cry After Seeing This Toddler Tear Up Watching Her Parent’s Wedding Song

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OH man, the Internet is OVER. How can parents expect us normal humans to go about our normal human days when they keep posting insanely adorable videos like this where they play a song for their kid and their kid starts tearing up and UGH THAT FACE THAT FAAAAAAAAACE.

[youtube_iframe id=”C2qMQvkSwOQ”]

This is just beyond cute. Why don’t they just add some baby kittens mewing or some hedgehogs taking a sink bath and go ahead and kill us all with cuteness already?

I’m going to spend my day imagining some long-off world where this little girl gets married or graduates college or has her own baby and this song and this video plays during that momentous life event and it’s like some big weepy circle of life thing.

I love at the end where she has just decided all this emotion is TOO MUCH and asks her mom to switch the video, probably to something less tear-inducing like the Dora The Explorer theme. It’s just all TOO MUCH.

So cute. I have never tried this with my own kids probably because they are all old and unfeeling robots now but quick someone hand me a baby so I can put on some Tom Waits or something.

(Image: You Tube)