Everyone Should Feel as Triumphant as this Toddler Balancing Carrots All Over the Kitchen

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What was the best moment of your life? The day you got into college? The day your first child was born? For this toddler balancing carrots on all the door handles in his parents’ kitchen, the best day is today.

Twitter user @Madddiiison shared a photo of her cousin’s three-year-old son standing with his arms up in triumph because he just balanced carrots on all the door handles in his parents’ kitchen. That’s a lot of carrots, too! It’s pretty funny and definitely adorable, but it’s kind of inspiring too. He’s just so proud! This little boy is the Michael Phelps of balancing carrots on things. Just look at the triumph on that kid’s face.

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This kid looks so happy, the Internet just can’t deal with it. We all want to feel that good. What would it take to be that excited about yourself? A book deal? Finishing the laundry? At least one Twitter user tried to grab that high the same way the toddler did, and balanced baby carrots on all their own door handles. They’re small carrots, not big ones, but it’s the thought that counts. Somehow, it seems to have worked!

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How are that kid’s parents ever going to make dinner? It’s not like you can just move the carrots after all this.

Oh right, I forgot how toddlers work. They’ll probably just be like, “Hey kiddo! Can you find a carrot to put in this basket?” and then 15 minutes later the kid will be standing in equal triumph because he has just achieved the momentous victory of putting all the carrots away.

Kids are great when they remind us to take joy in our victories. Remember how proud you were when you learned to tie your shoes? Well you can still tie them! You tie them every day! (Unless you’re wearing slides, in which case that’s OK, too.) We do amazing stuff every day. Be the toddler excited about putting carrots on things that you want to see in the world.

For me, I’m going to go balance carrots on things.