Today’s Mothers Know More Recipes Than Their Parents Because They Have To

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With all the griping that goes out about women going back to work after having babies, this bit of news feels like a win. Those who knock professional woman for their lack of “domestic” skills will be pleased to know modern mothers know more recipes than their foremothers. The internet is one big component along with the rise of celebrity chefs and the multitude of cooking shows, but contemporary mothers need to be more creative with food given their tightening schedules and the rise of food allergies.

Daily Mail points out in a study of English mothers, many of them knew more about food than their parents:

The study revealed modern mums know 21 recipes off by heart – and although they favour British cuisine, are happy to try their hand at more difficult dishes from around the world

Those aged 20 to 35 regularly serve up meals such as Mexican fajitas, Chinese vegetable stir fries and chicken tikka masala to their partners and children.

But 30 or so years ago, mums’ staple dishes included meat and two veg, pork or lamb chops and shepherd’s pie…Spokeswoman Emma Gray said: ‘The findings completely dispel the myth that today’s mums aren’t particularly into their food, and have other priorities they consider more important than cooking.…’Today’s mums aren’t afraid to try their hands at producing more exotic delights – inspired by eating out, celebrity chefs and foodie events – which originate from places such as India, Thailand and China.

‘Mums of 30 years ago were unlikely to consider something as “out there” as stir fries and curries; it just wasn’t as common place as it is today.’

It’s true that most mothers I know find nothing “exotic” about throwing some hummus and vegetables together for their kids. I once looked after a five-year-old with a penchant for pesto and grilled shrimp, while another little girl I know loves nothing more than veggie dumplings — so attitudes about food have indeed shifted.

But considering that 1 in 12 children now has some sort of food allergy, specifically gluten allergies, mothers need to accommodate more diets than their mothers or grandmothers ever did. And getting creative in the kitchen when you’re working full-time, or even part-time is something this new generation of mommies has proven themselves to be rather skilled at. Throwing together a meal for the kiddies when you have nothing short of spaghetti, some leftover soup, and Goldfish counts as a recipe too — even if you’re reheating yesterday’s lunch and adding some carrot sticks.

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