Today’s Dylan Dreyer Came Up With a Great Pumping Hack When She Forgot Her Breast Milk Bottles

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Forget lamaze and hypnobirthing. Expectant mothers should really just take an improv class instead, because most of parenthood is about making things up on the fly and figuring out how to deal when you have everything in the world in your mom bag except the one thing you actually need right this moment. Today Show meteorologist Dylan Dreyer figured that out last week when she came to work with her breast pump, but forgot the bottles to put the milk in.

“When you forget bottles to pump into, you improvise,” she wrote on Instagram, next to a photo of her breast pump nozzles sticking out of a couple paper cups from Teresa’s Brick Oven Pizza & Cafe. “Hey… I’m proud of myself for making it to Friday before this happened. #workingmom #cantgetitrightalltheitme.”



Dreyer came back to The Today Show on Monday after taking three months off for maternity leave, and she made it four days before she forgot the little bottles for pumping into. That’s not a bad run! She did a good job handling it on the fly, too. When I forgot mine once, I panicked and had to run all over trying to buy new ones and wound up paying an enormous upsell to buy pump bottles late on a Saturday night in a resort town. Putting the milk in paper cups did not occur to me.

It’s also possible in many cases to attach breast milk storage bags directly to the pump nozzles and pump straight into those.

Stuff like this just happens when you have a baby. No matter how many things are in that bag or stuffed in the back of the car, you’re always going to be like, “Why do I have 18 bags of goldfish crackers and no baby wipes!?”

Fortunately for everyone’s blood pressure, the comments on Dreyer’s Instagram post are generally hugely supportive. All her fans seem to think this is hilarious and so relatable, and at the moment there’s nary a blip of some mom-shaming sanctiparent insisting that pumping isn’t the same as breastfeeding, or that Dreyer is doing something wrong by being at work at all now that she has a baby. Mostly everyone just thinks Dreyer is hilarious and her baby is adorable. That’s how it should be, but it seems unusual these days, as plenty of celebrity moms can attest.

There’s about to be a built-in celebrity mom support group at The Today Show, too, because there are babies all over that set. In addition to Dreyer’s three-month-old, Today Show co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb both have new babies. Guthrie’s baby was born just nine days before Dryer’s baby, and Hoda Kotb’s daughter is five weeks old.