‘We’re Working On It’ Means There’s A Problem – And Other Tips For Parent-Teacher Conferences

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Keep In Contact

The best way to fit in all your questions without going over that time allotment? Email your queries in advance! “I love having time to prepare for a conference,” says Ms. Miller. If she knows that you’re going to want a written plan of attach on any given issue, she can have that ready before you even come in. Mentoring suggestions? She’ll have them waiting for you. Extra hand-outs? They’ll be in your folder. Letting your child’s teacher know what your concerns are ahead of time helps them prepare and makes sure that you get the information that you want out of the conference.

“And we can always schedule a follow-up time to talk,” adds Mrs. Kindler. Teachers never have a problem with parents wanting to hear more or learn more. All you have to do is ask.

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