We Like Tina Fey’s Possible Under-The-Radar Approach To Getting Her Daughter Into Show Business

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tina feyTina Fey‘s daughter might have just made her first appearance on mom’s show, 30 Rock.  Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that a young Liz Lemon in a flashback scene looked uncannily close to Fey’s own daughter, Alice. The actress and writer has yet to comment on whether it was her own little one in the episode, but fans seem pretty convinced that it was Alice following in her mom’s footsteps. And giving a pretty awesome eye roll.

If true, it makes plenty of sense to use Fey’s daughter to play a younger version of her. The girl probably has plenty of experience with that patented facial expression. And she definitely looks the part.

Fey wouldn’t be the first celebrity actress to use her children in her work. Jennifer Lopez notably used her twins Max and Emme in a Gucci Kids campaign. At the time, she said that the shoot was going to be with children, so she wanted it to be with her own. There was also a charity donation thrown in there for good PR. To be fair though, there’s a big difference between using infants in a modeling campaign and using a daughter who is old enough to decide for herself as a television cameo.

Fey and family not confirming the appearance, if it is true, makes plenty of sense to me. I doubt little Alice would cameo in her mom’s show in an attempt to launch her child acting career. My guess is that the gig was just for fun. So there’s really no need to draw extra attention. (Besides, that’s what blogs are for.) But even if Alice was interested in acting, why not let her try it out without the normal fanfare surrounding celebrity kids?

If it really wasn’t little Alice portraying an early Liz Lemon, it’s a girl who looks a lot like Fey’s daughter. I guess in it’s own special way, that might give the budding actress a leg up in the crowded child star market. After all, the world loves anything that reminds us of Tina Fey.

Also, if that wasn’t Fey’s daughter, the little girl did an awesome job mimicking that eye roll. My daughter took months of practice to get my smirky face down right. That’s the type of imitation that is pretty difficult to get without talent or a family connection.

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