Funny Mommy Tina Fey Has A Public Chuckle About Todd Akin’s ‘Legitimate Rape’ Nonsense

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Tina Fey! Long time no see lady! Last we heard from the 30 Rock star and memoirist, she was announcing the birth of her second daughter Penelope Athena. But the mother of two stepped back into the spotlight at the Center for Reproductive Rights’ Inaugural Gala in New York to have a big old laugh at “shut that whole thing down” Todd Akin. In true Tina style, of course.

E! News reports that upon approaching the podium, Tina offered this vocabulary lesson:

“Todd Akin claims that women can’t really get pregnant from a legitimate rape because the body secretes hormones,” Fey told the crowd. “Now I can’t even finish this sentence without getting dumber; it’s making me dumber when I say it—but it’s something about the body not being able to get pregnant when it’s under physical stress. Mr. Akin, I think you are confusing the phrase ‘legitimate rape’ with the phrase ‘competitive gymnastics.'”

Jokes on Richard Mourdock‘s rapey intentions of god and Joe Walsh‘s insistence that abortion isn’t necessary to save a mother’s life are also welcome, Tina! Always willing to roll with some laughs on an otherwise not so laughing matter.

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