Video: Tina Fey Watches ‘The Real Housewives’ While Nursing

Tina Fey gave birth to her second daughter Penelope Athena not to long ago and while the mother and writer jokes about being so utterly disconnected from the media since birth, she has managed to keep with one show.

Tina stopped by Rock Center with Brian Williams in a postpartum haze as she joked about preparing for Hurricane Irene and how she is managing to keep all plates spinning. She refers to her head as “a diaper” and laughs that she took “like nine days” off for maternity leave. As she laughed about reprimanding her older daughter Alice for touching the new baby, she listed off the late night shows she watches while up all hours of the night with her new daughter.

The comedienne cites The Real Housewives as one of her breastfeeding favorites, although she doesn’t like the show so much when the ladies are fighting. Her most beloved seasons were New York City and Beverly Hills, and when pressed by Brian Williams about New Jersey, she referred to the programing as “subhuman.” She also mentioned that given the uniformed appearance of the ladies on Orange County, she can’t tell them apart.

When reflecting on her other late night nursing television, Tina noted:

“You know your maternity leave is about to be over when you’re like “oh, I’ve already seen this Cake Boss‘ “

Tina seems to have pushed ahead with her professional ventures despite the recent birth of her little girl, as 30 Rock is currently being filmed which we’ll all see come January of 2012.

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(photo: WENN)

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