Mommyish Poll: What Do You Think Of TIME Magazine’s Controversial Cover?

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attachment parentingWe’ve all seen it by now: the jaw-dropping TIME magazine cover that shows an almost-4-year-old boy drinking milk from his MILFy mom’s breast. I’ve discussed it ad nauseam – with friends, family, colleagues – and the collective response is a definitive “Gross!

What’s so interesting to me is how immediate people’s reactions seem to be. Just last night, for instance, I was out for dinner with a couple of girlfriends. “Have you seen that disgusting TIME cover?” asked one. Our friend had not seen it and so I pulled up the image on my iPhone. “That’s gross!” she blurted out despite being a totally down-to-earth, non-judgemental mother who breastfed each of her four children.

That got me thinking: is there anyone out there who actually likes this photo? Even those moms who themselves breastfed their kids past age 2 are put off by this cover because they’re portrayed in a less-than-flattering light (at least that’s what I’m hearing from the attachment parenting moms I spoke with). Some say it sexualizes the act of breastfeeding, while others complain it’s purely sensationalistic.

Now we’d like to hear your take. Take our poll and weigh in the comments section below.

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