Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About TIME Cover Mom Jamie Lynne Grumet

time magazine breastfeeding coverUntil yesterday, Jamie Lynne Grumet was just your average mom doing her thing like the rest of us. Then she appeared on the cover of TIME magazine breastfeeding her nearly 4-year-old son and, well, she has pretty much become a household name (or face, at least) overnight. Grumet, who’s 26 years old and mom to two boys, has been doing her media rounds ever since. This morning she appeared on TODAY, along with attachment parenting guru Dr. William Sears himself, to dish on a lifestyle that has an entire nation talking (and judging). Lots of people want to know more about Grumet, including for how long she plans to breastfeed her not-so-little guy. Click through to learn more about this spotlight-stealing mama.


(Photo: iamnotthebabysitter.com)

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