I Want To Be Rich So I Can Give Homes To Veterans Like Tim McGraw

Tim McGrawWere you guys all aware that Tim Mcgraw is an amazingly generous person? No? Me neither. But the country legend is suddenly one of my very favorite people on the planet. In fact, when I grow up, I want to be like him. I want to be rich like him, so that I can give away homes to military families as well.

Tim McGraw has launched an initiative with Operation Homefront, an organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families once they get home from war, to away homes to wounded warriors. In fact, he’s giving away 25 homes with the help of Chase bank. One home for every stop on his latest tour.

Plenty of celebrities and politicians pay lip service to how important our troops are. They parade the military out when they need to look morally righteous, but then ignore the abysmal treatment that vets receive upon coming home from war. The frustrating wait lists for medical care. The difficulty finding good jobs that apply their advanced training and accept their credentials.

Instead, Tim McGraw is making a real difference in military families. The latest example was highlighted on an episode of Cake Boss, where the bakers created an enormous cake to announce the good news to Iraq and Afghanistan vet Chris Chaput and his wife Roseanna. When speaking about what the house means to them, the couple admitted that they had been waiting to have a child until they could buy their own home. “Now we can have a baby,” the teary Roseanna said.

The husbands, wives and children of our military deserve our support. Our veterans, who make very real sacrifices, deserve so much more that hot air. Tim McGraw is actually providing for families. He’s taking a stand. And I wish that more in positions to do so would stand up with him and help those who dedicate their lives to protecting us. If anyone deserves a little less talk and a little more action, it’s America’s veterans.

(Photo: WENN)


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