Parents Wonder Why Tide Always Makes Its Packaging Look Like Candy

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tide packaging

Image: Tide

We’re not that far removed from the last Tide detergent debacle for it to be a distant memory yet. One of things we look back on and think, man that was wild! Last year, some super not smart people decided to start something called the Tide Pod challenge, wherein they ATE Tide Pods for likes on social media. It was a dark day for our youth, to say the least. See, the thing about Tide Pods is that they do look … sort of like delicious candy. Very appealing, especially to young kids, several of whom were sickened after finding and eating them. So it was sort of a serious problem, made worse by internet dumbasses. We made it through the Tide Pod nightmare, and hopefully everyone learned a lesson. Except maybe for the makers of Tide. Procter & Gamble are making some changes to their Tide packaging, and hand to god, it looks even more appetizing than the stupid pods.

The Tide packaging went from candy-like pods to basically a giant juice box of laundry detergent. Just … why.

Apparently, in an effort to make it easier for Amazon to ship Tide, Procter & Gamble has started packaging it in a box. With a spout. A wine box for detergent, if you will. And listen, we get it! We order plenty of household items from Amazon, and this new Tide packaging makes a lot of sense. Plus, it uses 60% less plastic (always a good thing) since it doesn’t require extra wrapping or packing materials. But this formula of Tide also contains less water, which makes it more potent, one would assume? So let’s package the stronger poison to look like you should drink it. The logic checks out!

People obviously have some concerns about the new Tide packaging.

Get you a couple of boxes of Tide, some cheese and crackers, and you are in for a wild girls’ night in, that’s for sure. And just think about how much drunk laundry you’ll do! Before you, you know, lose consciousness.

Maybe it’s a whole theme for Procter & Gamble? Wash your Tide Pods down with a nice glass of the 2018 Tide in a Box. It’s a lovely vintage, light on the palate, strong finish. Pairs well with rat poison, bleach, and a scouring pad!

We feel like it should go without saying (but we know better): the new Tide packaging is very misleading, and please do your due diligence in explaining to your kids that it is not, in fact, a cool looking juice box. You can’t be too careful these days.

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