Little Heroic 3-Year-Old Boy Saves Elderly Man Trapped In Hot Car

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Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 5.08.15 PMThis summer has been rife with horrible news of kids trapped, dying and in some cases even allegedly being murdered in hot cars. That’s why I was so happy to be able to relay the story of this three-year-old boy who noticed an elderly man in trouble in a hot car and probably saved his life.

Last Saturday 68-year-old Bob King  found himself trapped in his car after the doors automatically locked. He’s had numerous cancer treatments and suffered two strokes in the past month, which may explain why he was too weak to push the car door open. Luckily, three-year-old Keith Williams came walking by the car and King alerted him by knocking on the windows. The little boy wasn’t strong enough to open the door either, so he ran into a nearby church and got help.

Pastor Jack Greene told ABC News:

“I was talking to someone and little Keith came behind me and kept saying, ‘Locked, locked, locked.’

Greene didn’t sense something was wrong, but then Keith started patting and pulling his hand, and kept saying “hot, hot.”

“I told the gentleman: ‘Excuse me for a minute’ and I followed him [Keith] out,” Greene said.

He found King in the car, sweating and exhausted. He brought him into the air-conditioned church, where he recuperated.

There are some holes in the coverage of this story, so I’m assuming the boy was playing outside and the Pastor and others were nearby – maybe even the wife? I’m a little baffled as to why she would leave her very sick old husband in a hot car by himself. Regardless, I’m glad the story ended well – and this little boy is just adorable.


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(photo: ABC News)