Three Women Who Went Missing As Teens Discovered Alive In Ohio is The Best Mother’s Day News Ever

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Three Women Who Went Missing As teens Discovered Alive In Ohio Three women who went missing as teens discovered alive in Ohio is incredible news and I can’t imagine how elated and relieved all of their friends and family are this morning. This is such shocking news. And it’s really good news because for the time being we don’t know all the horrific details so we can just pause for a few moments and be totally thankful that three women who went missing ten years ago have been discovered alive, slightly malnourished and dehydrated but alive. Incredible. Amanda Berry went missing when she was 16 on her way home from her job at Burger King. 7b87b916-01ce-483f-90e1-a252dae8ed7f

Gina DeJesus disappeared when she was 14 on her way home from school.


And Michelle Knight vanished when she was 20. When their captor left the house Amanda screamed for help and neighbor Charles Ramsey who was outside heard her yelling ” Help me get out, I’ve been on here a long time!” The neighbor kicked the door in and Amanda and a young girl climbed out and went to a neighbor’s to call the police, where she told them “Help me I’m Amanda Berry…I’ve been kidnapped and I’ve been missing for ten years and I’m here. I’m free now.” The young girl with her was that of her six-year-old daughter she gave birth to while in captivity.
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According to The Daily Mail:

‘I need them now before he gets back!’ she said in the frantic phone call to 911, going on to identify her captor as Ariel Castro.

Castro has lived in the house since 1992 and he was arrested for domestic violence in 1993.

Sources close to local station WOIO are telling the station that the women were reportedly tied up during their captivity and police found chains hanging from one of the ceilings

They also reported that there were signs that dirt had recently been moved in the backyard of the house, though police continue to investigate whether or not the dirt will lead to any new evidence in the case.

There is no further news on the discovery of the chains in the basement and I am sure this story will get a lot worse, considering Amanda had a child while in captivity, but it’s just such good news that these three women were found alive and they can start healing and living their lives and moving on from this horrific ordeal.

The friends and families of the girls have held vigils every year waiting for them to be found and now what an amazing Mother’s Day miracle. Based on things social workers and local police had told the parents of Michelle Knight they had concluded that their daughter had run away from home. Berry’s mother sadly died from pancreaitis and other ailments in 2006, but until then she had never given up hope in finding her daughter. Friends and family expressed joy and disbelief as they waited to be reunited with the women. I can’t imagine the relief all of these people are feeling today.

More as this story develops, I’ll be glued to the news and waiting to see if Lifetime is going to make a movie about this, which I am sure they will. And I can’t even be annoyed by that fact because this news is just too good.

Thanks to reader Alex who tipped us off to the amazing Charles Ramsey video who was the gentleman who rescued and helped Amanda Berry. You can see a video interview of him in the comments. I vote key to the city and a medal of honor!

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