Viral Video That’s Supposed To ‘Change The Way You Parent’ Isn’t Changing Anything

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I’m a sucker for public service announcements – I admit it. I am the person crying during the Humane Society commercials. Basically any public service announcement usually gets me – hook line and sinker. I finally found one that doesn’t. It’s called “Children see. Children do.” Let’s see what you think about it:

I don’t get it. It just seems to be a bunch of horrible people being horrible. It’s not changing the way I parent at all, because I am not a horrible person. I don’t throw beer bottles in the street, or scream at strangers or throw up on the sidewalk. Why is that woman throwing up on the sidewalk? That confused the heck out of me.

I actually found the adult behavior just as disturbing as the children mimicking it. Is this a PSA reminding us not to be bad parents, or just reminding us not to be horrible people in general? The Huffpost says, “The video, created by True Activist, shows kids mimicking common adult behavior — smoking, littering, yelling at other drivers.” Is this common adult behavior? I’m going to go with, no. I don’t know any adults who throw rocks at puppies. Not one.

I think rather than aiming this at parents and calling it “Children see. Children do,” it should have been called, “Don’t be a jerk, jerk.” Underneath the video on the YouTube page it says, “This will change you in exactly 60 seconds.” This whole trend of “this is going to BLOW YOUR MIND” video marketing has got to stop. Enough is enough. I love exaggerating and hyperbole – but everyone is going batshit crazy.

(photo: YouTube)