This Selfless Little Boy Did Not Want Any Birthday Presents, And What He Asked For Instead Has His Parents Beaming With Pride


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This awesome little boy just had a birthday, and while a lot of kids would be asking for Rainbow Looms and Kylo Ren lightsabers, this amazing little kid said he didn’t want any presents for himself at all. In fact, all he wanted for his birthday was to help dogs and cats at the animal shelter.

“My son didn’t want presents for his birthday. He wanted to help dogs and cats in shelters. Proud of him!” wrote a Reddit user going by DMShaw alongside a photo of an adorable and very proud little boy giving a thumbs-up next to a giant pile of pet supplies that he planned to donate to homeless animals.

It’s so sweet. That little boy has every reason to be bursting with pride, and his parents are right to be proud of him. I can only hope that someday I know what it’s like to hear my kid say something like they don’t want any presents for their birthday, they want to help people or animals in need instead. That has to make a parent really feel like they’re doing something right.

This little boy is so awesome that other Redditors wanted to send him birthday presents anyway, but his dad says that he really didn’t want any. He wouldn’t even allow his parents to buy him a present. So now his generosity is inspiring adults to be selfless, too.

“He really didn’t want any presents. Wouldn’t even let us buy him one. If you must, just do something nice for someone, and think of this picture when you do,” his father said when someone asked if they could send the kid a present.

“This kid is awesome. Tell him I’m making a donation to my local humane society because of him, too,” one Redditor said.

“That will make his day!” the boy’s father replied.

Another user posted about being an employee at an animal shelter and said this kind of donation really does help. Even on top of the actual practical benefits for the animals and the shelters, it is great to know that there are good, kind, selfless kids out there. His parents should be really proud. I can only hope to do as good a job at parenting as they are. (Now that I type that, I remember that leading by example is important, and maybe I should take the Kylo Ren lightsaber out of my Amazon cart and replace it with a donation to the food bank instead.)

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