This Mother’s Impressive Baby Crib Workout Brings All the Haters to the Yard

Sometimes it feels like mothers really can’t win. If we work out a lot, we’re neglecting our kids, or putting them in danger, or being vain. If we don’t work out–or if we do work out and still don’t look the way people think we should–we’re lazy and unhealthy and bad role models. God forbid we engage with the public or participate in social media in any way, because then we’re just vapid narcissists.

There are few things the jerks of the Internet like more than chewing out a woman for her body and her parenting choices, and it’s even better when they can complain about both at the same time. So it’s not much of a surprise that a recent video by fitness blogger Melanie Darnell of Fit Momma 4 Two was met with a crashing wave of jerkitude when she showed off how she could work out using her baby’s crib as exercise equipment. It’s pretty impressive:

That’s pretty impressive! But Scary Mommy’s Megan Zander (who was also the wonderful fit mom behind Mommyish’s own “Have Baby, Will Exercise” fitness column) writes that the commenters were swift and harsh in their condemnation of Darnell’s video.

“Wow what she’s doing is stupid I hope the baby doesn’t get hurt,” one said.

“Studies show that performing exercises at a higher elevation increases the effectiveness of sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. By adding in the variable of gravity you allow your muscle cells to produce more ATP, thus allowing you to perform more reps. Just fucking kidding this is stupid, do it on the floor without putting the child at risk of your stupid ass slipping,” wrote a guy who appears to be hijacking Darnell’s comments thread to workshop his comedy routine for open mic night.

She’s not going to squish the baby! She has a better sense of how strong her crib is–and how strong her core muscles are—than random Internet commenters.

Darnell told Scary Mommy that she and her husband had checked the sturdiness of the crib before she climbed on it, and certainly before she climbed on it to exercise with the baby in it.

”I would never put my child in danger,” she said. Still, 200 commenters telling a person that she’s a bad mother and a vain, attention-hungry narcissist would hurt anyone. People need to butt out.

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