This Mom Dressed Up as Her Son for Halloween, and the Results are Hilarious

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This mom dressed up as her son for Halloween, and she deserves a round of applause because the likeness is uncanny.

The photos were posted to Reddit, where they promptly got voted up to the front page because everyone wants to be friends with this cool mom, because this is really funny and she went all-in. She has the same little topknot, and she’s great with an eyeliner pencil. She duplicated the shape of his eyebrows, and gave herself his little mustache and jawline beard. (Hers is fuller than his, but she achieved it with judicious application of makeup, while he had to depend on nature.) I had to look back and forth a couple times to figure out which was which.


I was slightly thrown because he’s wearing an Ariana Grande shirt, and I thought the mother would be wearing that ironically as part of her costume, but it appears that he’s wearing the Ariana Grande shirt for real, and his mother opted instead for the cool panda drinking something purple.


It’s the acting that makes it. His mom is really good at copying his expressions and body language. He seems cool with the impression, too, or at least cool enough to pose for photos with her, while only looking a little bit like an embarrassed teenager.

Now, of course, the ball is in his court. Next year, he has to dress up as his mom.