Mom Tries to Make Navy Vet Son Poster Boy for #HimToo on Twitter, Fails Spectacularly

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Every so often, the hellscape that is Twitter churns out something so good, so PERFECT, that you briefly forget some of the trash on that site. This is one of those times, friends. It started as a poorly thought-out tweet meant to blame “radical feminists with an axe [sic] to grind” for false allegations of rape and sexual assault. Because as we all know, radical feminists run around accusing all the good men in the world of rape for funsies! It’s like a book club, but with more man-hating. Anyway, one mom’s tweet about her son set off a firestorm of hilarious memes, caught the attention of the other son, and forced some poor dude to join Twitter to set the record straight. “This is MY son” will live in infamy.

It’s very likely that mom did not fully comprehend the ramifications of tweeting out “This is MY son” with a #HimToo hashtag.

this is my son

Image: Twitter/@BritniDWrites

First of all, I had to include a screenshot of the tweet because mom deleted her Twitter account when shit hit the fan, LOL. But let’s break down this message, yes? Great looking young man. Accomplished! A gentleman who respects women, to boot. But according to mom, this lad doesn’t go on “solo dates” because he’s deathly afraid that radical feminists will falsely accuse him of sexual assault. Keep in mind, HIS MOM IS TWEETING THIS ABOUT HER SON. Oh, and she votes, in case you were wondering.

Obviously, because Twitter is gonna Twitter, this tweet got meme’d immediately.

The “This is MY son” memes were good. They were golden! If all we got from mom’s tweet were these memes, it would’ve been cool. But we got SO MUCH MORE. Pretty soon, Navy Son and his brother got wind of what mom did.

SHE. MADE. IT. UP. Readers, believe me when I tell you that reading these tweets made me cackle and kick my feet like a toddler. But then, THEN, it got better.

Pieter Hanson joined the ol’ Twitter dot com to set some things straight. To his credit, he doesn’t call his mom crazy, but we’re all thinking it. He believes women, and he says FUCK YOU to #HimToo. Plus he has cats, And he’s a veteran! And he goes on dates, I presume. Luckily, he seems to have a really good sense of humor about it all. And really, who among us would ever have the opportunity for such a perfect first tweet?! He was given the chance of a lifetime, and he ran with it. And we are all better for it.

Thanks, Pieter! And mom, I suppose. After all, her “This is MY son” tweet is what started it all. Thanksgiving is going to be sooooooo awkward at the Hanson house this year.

(Image: Twitter/@Thatwasmymom)