This Girl’s Friends Should Have Told Her About the Big Penis in Her Senior Photos

Real friends tell you when you have something in your teeth, or when your dress is tucked into your tights, or when you are sitting in front of a giant dick for your senior pictures, which is what happened to this girl on Twitter, who just realized there was a big green penis behind her head in her senior photos.



The grandparents will love that one! (Actually, they’ll probably never notice the big penis. Also, this is still better than that pose school photographers always make you do, where you’re resting your head over a giant metallic sheet to make your face “glow” and you just wind up looking corny as hell.)

Alexis’ photos are unintentionally hilarious, but things get really wild in the replies to her Tweet, because it turns out “teens posing with graffiti” is a very common senior photo trope, and Alexis is not the only one this has happened to. Apparently teenagers in suburbs across America are going out to take their senior photos in front of graffiti, and a lot of them are finding surprise penises in their backgrounds when they get their pictures back.

How did nobody notice the placement of this one?



This guy got one too.



This is an epidemic.



Oh my god, look around you, my dudes! People like to paint dicks on things, and when you pose in front of a wall of art, it would behoove you to check out what that art actually is, or what it says. No one ever looks at senior pictures after high school anyway, but this just speaks to a dire lack of situational awareness. There are walls with words on them, so read them before you stand in front of them for your senior photos!

This should also serve as a warning to any professional photographers out there who are shooting senior photos: Check your backgrounds! You’re the one who is going to get yelled at if if mom gets upset because it looks like Becky is sitting on a giant dick in her senior photos.

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