Survey ‘Proves’ A Third Of Women Think The Way They Were Proposed To Sucked

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shutterstock_135032324__1381594346_142.196.156.251A new survey of 2,000 British women shows that about one-third of them were unhappy with the way their partners proposed. The survey was conducted by a jewelry store and also “proved” that a quarter of them wanted to upgrade their rings (how convenient) – but let’s not let that stop us from discussing proposals and how important they may or may not be.

A recent study of married couples found that a third were secretly disappointed by the way their partner proposed.

When asked why the milestone moment wasn’t quite the fairy-tale scenario they had imagined, the majority said they were disappointed with the location where their partner went down on one knee.


More than a third of Brits said the ideal setting would have been a sentimental place.Twenty-six per sent said they would have liked more romance, while a clued-up quarter said they would have liked it to have been more of a surprise. Meanwhile, 17 per cent said they would have liked the moment to have been more personal – proving their partner knows them well.

I want to be the person that is above-it-all and says things like the only thing that matters is love! The way a person proposes does not matter at all! But I really don’t feel that way. I think if you are going to pop a question that asks your partner to make a public declaration that they want to spend the rest of their life with you – there should be some thought put into how that question will be asked.

I’ve been with the father of my children for going on eight years now. We still aren’t married. At this point, we are both just assuming that it will get done someday – we’re just not really sure when.

He did ask me once. We were both working at a very busy bar in Brooklyn at the time. I was the only bartender during a Friday night happy hour, serving roughly 200 people by myself. This was something I did every Friday – so I should have been used to it – but there was always a time in the night when I was so incredibly busy and overwhelmed I just wanted to crawl into the basement and hide.

On this particular Friday he picked that exact moment – when I was sweating and swearing and about to cry – to pop the question:

Will you marry me?

Shut up and move. You’re blocking the beer taps.

Seriously. I want to get married.

I can’t believe you just asked me to marry you in this shit hole. You can’t ask me like this. And move – you’re blocking the beer taps.

So, yeah. I guess I’m one of the third that cares. When we finally get married – whether it’s me who asks or him – we’re going to have to do better than that.

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