No Matter How You Feel About Pot Smoking, We Can All Agree These Third Graders Getting Stoned Are A Bit Too Young

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shutterstock_179320268I have no problems with adult humans getting as high as they want to, but it terrifies me that three THIRD grade students in a Sonora elemenatary school bathroom where busted getting stoned. These kids are ages eight and nine years old. I have a nine-year-old. I can’t even fathom her understanding how to obtain pot. She is just now brave enough to buy a pack of gum if I stand behind her in the checkout lane at the store. From San Francisco CBS Local:

Sonora Elementary School Principal Chris Boyles would not speak with CBS SF regarding the case, but Superintendent Leigh Shampain confirmed that the students were caught smoking marijuana in the school’s bathroom.  He would not discuss how the students might be disciplined.

“(I’m) shocked. To be in third grade and have their own pipe,” parent Linda Rodriguez commented to KTXL-TV. “I think they should be expelled, but I also think they should follow it further to where they found (the drugs).”

The case was forwarded to the Tuolumne County Probation Department.


Of course they should find out where the kids got the drugs and have intensive meetings with the parents and ugh, I cannot even fathom this. These kids were all not old enough to be doing drugs, because they aren’t even old enough to understand you cannot do drugs in school. I’m not trying to be flip about this, but it’s just so scarily absurd I don’t think I even fully understand why kids would do this. I’m sure they either learned it from older kids or siblings or their own parents. Awful. The kids have been released to their parents.

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