10 Things Your Elementary School Kid Will Shame You For

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6. “Watch this, mommy! HEY! Why aren’t you watching?!”

watch me


If you don’t have school-age kids, you cannot possibly understand how many times a day they ask you to watch them. Spacing out once shouldn’t be a big deal but oh, do they bring on the guilt.

7. “You forgot to pack my snack!”

snack pack


Once in a while, I forgot to pack their school snack and they never let me hear the end of it. Never mind their full lunch account and the fact that they can grab a snack there.

8. “Mommy, play with me.”

play with me


For the record, I do play with them sometimes but sometimes is not enough, apparently. They guilt me for this daily.

9. “Why is the laundry all over the place?”



It might be all clean, but it’s rarely all put away. My kids love to subtly rub this in my face as they scale Mt. Laundry in search of matching socks.

10. “Are you just gonna watch TV all day?”

tv all day


Yup. Because you can play on your own now and I don’t have to suffer through Thomas the Train. Anymore questions?

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