10 Things Your Elementary School Kid Will Shame You For

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Elementary school kids are a funny group. They are clearly not adults but they are not oblivious little ones either- they know what is going on around them, even if they don’t always understand it. They are also, by and large, overly honest and equipped with an innate sense of justice. They know right from wrong and BOY, do they love pointing it out. This is where being the parent of an older child can downright suck. They question everything you do and may I say, they can be rather judgy. I have felt shamed by my elementary school kids more times than I can count. Here are some examples:

1. “Mommy, you aren’t eating your veggies!!”

icky food


When they notice that you aren’t a fan of green beans while they are forced to choke them down, they start to get a little judgmental. Sorry, guys- I’m a grown-up and this is one of the tiny perks.

2. “Aren’t you going to drink wine? Cause it’s Saturday?”



Way to make me feel like a drunk, kids!

3. “HEY! You shouldn’t call the other drivers names!”



It’s hard to teach your kids kindness when other people truly are total assholes. I try to hold back but sometimes, things slip out. Sorry, little dudes!

4. “ don’t want to read with me?”

reading mara


Complete with the downcast eyes and defeated posture. God forbid I try to squeak out of one night of reading. Fine. Go get Curious George. I can’t say no with this one.

5. “Why are you always on your phone?”

texting selena


Firstly, I’m not. Secondly, who asked you??

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